Why are my dentures loose?

A loose denture can be painful, uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Trying to maintain and repair dentures can be time consuming and expensive.  Dentures become loose for different reasons – bone resorption is the most common reason. The process is your gums beginning to shrink because they are no longer being used to hold your teeth […]

How do teeth break?

Has your tooth broken and you can’t figure out why?  Our teeth are really strong, but with the many stresses and strains that they have to endure, they can crack, chip and break.  Common causes of these breaks can include: Facial trauma following an accident Eating something hard Damage from sports Untreated cavities can cause […]

What makes a good toothpaste?

All toothpastes do the same thing – they clean our teeth, right? Not exactly.  They all clean our teeth but by using different ingredients to do it. Choosing the best toothpaste for you is a personal matter. We all have preferences when it comes to flavour, texture and ingredients. It can be a real challenge […]