Everything You Need to Know About The Dental Implant Process

About one million people in the UK have false teeth of some kind. When most people think of false teeth, they think of dentures. However, dentures don’t have to be your only option. If you’re missing any adult teeth, you may be able to have a permanent dental implant. These look and function like your […]

These Six Signs Indicate You May Need Braces

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they first meet you. A great smile can go a long way when meeting someone new and making a memorable impression. But if your teeth aren’t so perfect, you may have to consider talking to an orthodontist about whether or not you need braces. […]

The True Cost of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

Most people are aware of the impact missing teeth have on our appearance. Missing teeth can make our faces appear sunken, aged, and reduce our confidence. But have you ever wondered about the health implications of not replacing a missing tooth? According to a study conducted by the University College London and Harvard University, the […]

A Simple Guide: Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dentophobia, or a fear of the dentist, is extremely common. Statistics suggest that around 12% of us suffer from extreme dental anxiety. The British Dental Association says that 25% of the UK population suffer from some sort of anxiety before visiting the dentist. We suspect that this number is a lot higher. The most common […]

Ten Great Benefits of Invisible Braces

Do you smile without showing teeth? Perhaps your smile isn’t your strong suit. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be. It may not have occurred to you to consider braces, thinking that the time to get them is long passed. Many adults nowadays are getting braces. They certainly don’t have the stigma that they used […]

Can you improve your oral hygiene routine?

Whether you want to maintain your white smile or reduce the risk of dental problems, improving your oral hygiene is always a good idea. We all find ourselves staring into the bathroom mirror in the morning or in the evening before we carry out the most mundane task of our day – brushing our teeth. […]

Should We Be Scared of Sedation?

Sedation in dentistry can be daunting for those who don’t know much about the procedure. Dental anaesthesiologists are specially trained to give all levels of sedation and anaesthesia to both children and adults. Sedation providers take the time necessary to review the patient’s medical history with their treatment plan, to determine a personalised anaesthetic plan […]