Can thumb-sucking damage your child’s teeth?

Prolonged thumb-sucking, as well as dummy use, can have a negative impact on your child’s smile over time. Most often, babies, toddlers and small children resort to thumb-sucking or dummy use as a way to soothe themselves or calm anxiety. While thumb-sucking and dummy use do have their benefits, they can be detrimental to your […]

The Real Tooth Fairy

The Tooth fairy disguises its magic in a (usually blue) scrub and dental mask – not quite the fairy tale description we give our children. If you have ever been unfortunate to experience chronic tooth pain, you will relate to the abundance of gratitude you have for your dentist when they fix your teeth and […]

Are we maximising the benefits of brushing our teeth?

The simple task of brushing our teeth seems so easy for us, but are we doing it properly? We have brushed our teeth for as long as we can remember and with time we have created bad habits. What we don’t want is brushing our teeth to be pointless. Here’s a list of mistakes we […]