Before you ask about dental braces…..

Anyone who has a crooked tooth or some crooked teeth might see this as a problem, regardless of their age.  It’s about self-esteem and having the freedom to offer your brightest smile to the world. Your dentist will keep a careful eye on the development of your teeth, from the moment your lifetime teeth begin […]

Can I replace multiple teeth?

  The aesthetics of replacing multiple teeth are probably the patient’s main objective.  The size of their smile shows their smile line, which can be seen when the patient smiles as widely as they can. At The Mall, we believe that for top aesthetics and durability, dental implants are the best way to replace multiple […]

Five benefits of having a clean mouth

As we age, everything about our physical and dental health ages, too. Keeping up with dental visits alongside good oral hygiene is crucial for your overall health.  Preventing cavities  The plaque that builds up on your teeth throughout the day is the main cause of tooth decay. If plaque is left to sit on your […]

Will Clear Aligners Work For Me?

Clear aligners, sometimes known as invisible braces, are finding favour more as time goes on, not only because can they straighten mis-aligned teeth; they can also improve your confidence and give you the perfect smile.   Consult a Dentist  Clear aligners are custom-made, after a one to one consultation with an orthodontist, who may be your […]

Advanced Dental Technology

Dental implants are the talk of the dental world. When it comes to replacing one or more of your natural teeth, implants are the popular choice. At The Mall, we use the latest digital implantology systems to ensure accurate placement of implants.  In most cases, we can place implants and restorations with immediate effect, without […]

Different types of tooth pain

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to experience tooth pain, you will understand how important it is to act immediately.  The first twinge of pain you feel is the red light you need to take seriously. You should almost be grateful for the warning pain. When you have back ache you book in for […]

Lifelong Oral Health

  Lifelong oral health is not only vital for your overall health, it is also crucial for your wellbeing, comfort and appearance. Your self-esteem is affected if you are unhappy with the way you look. Avoiding smiling is very sad, but it’s very popular with people who are not confident with the way their smile […]

The True Cost of DIY Dental Braces

In July 2020, MailOnline’s Eve Simmons reported on British dentists’ alarm about buying braces online.   Dentists in the UK are cautioning people against looking for braces online.  Suppliers are making promises that teeth will be straightened in just 6 weeks – but at what cost?  The products being sold are known as aligners, which are […]

Do you want a whole new smile?

At The Mall, we offer a wide range of different treatments and procedures to help you create and design your bespoke smile makeover. We will help you decide how to achieve your dream smile within your budget.  We use top quality treatments, including Boutique Teeth Whitening and Quick Straight Teeth to brighten and straighten your […]

We can help you achieve your ideal smile

The many advances in materials, technology and techniques in the dental industry have made achieving a beautiful smile so much easier.  A 21st century smile is far more discreet, subtle, long lasting and cost effective.  The developments in dentistry have made the possibility of a lovely smile available to more people than ever before. Let […]

A Guide to Dental Implants

Here at The Mall we believe the best way to replace missing teeth permanently is by fitting dental implants.  Tooth replacement is very important, because leaving missing teeth can have serious implications for not only your dental health but your overall health, too.  Losing teeth and not replacing them increases the risk of your remaining […]

Am I too old for braces?

Smiling couple

Adults in the UK have for some years now sought orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons.  However, there are very good medical reasons to seek help from an orthodontist.  You may have an incorrect bite.  A bite is how the upper teeth align with the lower teeth.  Are the upper teeth in front of the lower […]

Your dentist appointment checklist

The British Health Foundation reports that only half of the UK population actually visit the dentist every six months. Since the appointments are far between for most of us, we think it is important to get the most out of each appointment for your health, understanding and peace of mind. Here is a checklist to […]

Why have clear braces?

Whilst metal braces still have a role to play in dentistry, patients can now benefit from clear braces, which fit more readily into the lifestyles of many.  The brackets are the clear component, whereas the wire is tooth coloured.      Quite distinct from clear braces are clear aligners, which fit over the teeth more like a […]

Diets and your oral health

Diets are designed to help you lose weight and gain better overall health, but what if your diet could pose risks to your  dental health?   Our bodies and brain are very complex machines that need care and attention. What you choose to eat and how often you do so can affect your general and oral […]

Which vitamins are good for our teeth?

It is fair to say just how important taking in a number of vitamins and minerals every day is vital for a healthy body and mind. We can achieve overall health with a stress-free life and balanced diet, but did you know that vitamins and minerals our body needs are just as important for our […]