0% Finance Now Available

If you are looking for an interest-free loan to fund your beautiful new smile, you can have an answer in under 5 minutes! It is incredibly simple to apply – the only prerequisites are that you are over the age of 18 and that you are in paid employment.

Finance is available up to £30,000 and can cover a variety of treatments.

Decisions about your loan will be made based on information about your personal circumstances and credit history.

The process

  • A consultation with a dentist at The Mall
  • The Mall sends you an email or text message
  • You select your preferred payment option
  • You apply in 2 minutes.
  • Your credit score will not be affected
  • Your data is kept private throughout
  • 90% of decisions are instant

If successful, you choose your monthly payment date and the loan is available to you immediately.

There are no hidden fees and you can easily change your payment day online.

There is no early repayment fee and no charge if you miss a payment.


How can I apply?

Contact The Mall to arrange a consultation. When you have agreed your treatment plan, The Mall’s receptionists will send you an online link so that you can apply. Questions are about your personal situation – age, address, income and so on. You are likely to receive an instant decision.

How can I pay?  

With a UK debit card.

Who will provide the loan?

Details of the loan provider will be included with any loan offer to you.

What are the payment dates?

Payments are made once per month, and you choose which day. The first payment is always made in advance. 

You can change your payment day online after your loan starts.

What happens if I have to miss a payment?

There is no charge, and you will receive help if you have difficulties.

Who are Tabeo?

Tabeo provides patient solutions for many UK healthcare businesses. 

  • Tabeo acts as a credit broker and provides loan services.
  • Tabeo only introduces you to one lender.

If you are still interested in opting for 0% finance, please contact us at The Mall.

Free Consultation

Please contact our friendly team to arrange your free consultation where we talk about the health, stability and cosmetic concerns you might have, and how we can work together to address these and give you a smile you can truly be proud of. 

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