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Award winning dental care

The Mall has been leading the way in smile transformations and dental implants for over 18 years.

Award winning dental care

The Mall has been leading the way in smile transformations and dental implants for over 18 years.


Our 3 step process to the smile you deserve.

At The Mall Manchester and The Mall Stockport we believe that everyone should have the smile they deserve. We have made the whole process as straightforward and accessible as possible.

Start your journey to a beautiful smile today.

1: Meticulous diagnosis and planning 
With the most technologically advance CT and intra-oral 3D scanners we digitally plan your case to provide the most predictable clinical results. With over 30 years of experience our senior clinicians have the knowledge to deliver. 
2: The highest quality dentistry.
Our clinicians and  in-house technicians work hand in hand. A unique team providing a service that is second to none.
3: Maintenance
Is a vital part of all dental procedures. Our dentists, therapists, hygienists and technicians are here to ensure that your new smile remains as beautiful for many years to come. 

Our Smile Success Stories

For over 15 years we’ve improved the smiles of thousands of happy patients.  Here are a few of the latest happy patients.


Bonding, veneers, whitening

Terri damaged her top front teeth as a teenager when she hit the corner of a wall whilst out riding her bike.


Invisalign, whitening, bonding

Luke had grown up with his crooked, and chipped teeth but hadn’t really thought too much about it until he got engaged. 


Invisalign and whitening

Alex’s open bite meant that her top and bottom front teeth didn’t meet and she thought her mouth was overcrowded.

Lilly IS Loving Her New Smile

What we did

We used the clear aligner system we trust. Invisalign discrete aligners for 9 months followed by Boutique home whitening.

What Lilly said

“The whole experience was amazing, from the minute I walked into Reception…………..I would recommend it to anybody – an easy process for the changes you get to your life.”

How can we help you?

At The Mall we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile.

The solution to missing teeth that comes closest to the real thing.  Implants are permanently fixed to replace your teeth, then crowns matching your natural tooth colour are attached.

Composite bonding is applied to the surface of the teeth, often without the need to harm the tooth in any way. Used to straighten teeth, to provide smile makeovers, to cover any cracks or repair any chips. 

Incredibly, we can fit your new dentures in just one day, because we have that expertise, together with our exceptional on-site laboratory.  This means there’s no need for temporary dentures.

We use nearly invisible aligners from Invisalign , or tooth-coloured brackets and wires by Quick Straight Teeth, both of which are very popular and make metal braces seem like a thing of the past.


If you are looking for an interest-free loan to fund your beautiful new smile, you can have an answer in under 5 minutes! It is incredibly simple to apply – the only prerequisites are that you are over the age of 18 and that you are in paid employment.

Don't just take our word for it

We have some of the best Google and Facebook ratings for cosmetic dentistry and implants in Manchester

Would you like to join our many happy patients?

Please contact our friendly team to arrange your free consultation where we talk about the health, stability and cosmetic concerns you might have, and how we can work together to address these and give you a smile you can truly be proud of. 


We pride ourselves on being compassionate, caring and respectful. Whether you are looking for a routine dental check-up or some advice on more advanced dental procedures.

From tooth whitening, Invisalign and composite bonding, to advanced cases where missing teeth are replaced by dental implants, or loose dentures are stabilised and dipped firmly into place – we have the knowledge and the technology to deliver.

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