Teeth Whitening

Bespoke Boutique whitening offers the most predictable results in cosmetic dentistry. Over 25 years of delivering exceptional bright smiles, puts The Mall at the very top.

Safe and predictable.

Let The Mall’s team help you put your best, beautiful smile out there!  We only use the multi-award winning Boutique Whitening because we trust it, dentist across the world trust it – and we know it works.  

It also gives you choices:  You can choose to whiten your teeth using gels that require only 1.5 hours wear time per day, or you can whiten your teeth overnight as you sleep. Whiten your teeth, your way.

Your 3 steps to Teeth Whitening

1. Telephone Conversation

Book your consultation by filling out our appointment form and a friendly member of our dedicated team will be in touch by ‘phone.

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

This is when the dentist checks your mouth to make sure your teeth are all suitable for the teeth whitening treatment. 

3. Treatment

Fitting of your whitening trays and instructions about how to use the trays and the gel.

The Cost Of Teeth Whitening

£299 for top and bottom teeth

£599 for dark teeth that have died during trauma

Great offers are always available when combining whitening with teeth straightening or cosmetic bonding

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Boutique Whitening by Day is a gel that  contains 6% hydrogen peroxide.   This strength is recommended to be worn at least 1 to 1 and a half hours per day. 

Boutique by Night  requires a minimum of 4 hours, but is designed to work while you are sleeping, so 6 hours or more per night will give you improved results.  The gels contain 10% carbamide peroxide or 16%, which equates respectively to 3.5% hydrogen peroxide and 5.7% hydrogen peroxide.  Those with sensitive teeth should choose the 10% version.

There is also a gel which combines hydrogen peroxide with carbamide peroxide.  The hydrogen begins the process and the carbamide continues overnight.

It is more difficult to whiten teeth when the stains are grey or brown, and easier when the stains are yellow.  It may take longer or need a stronger gel to whiten teeth stained grey or brown.

There is the option of micro-abrasion, composite bonding, crowns or veneers, or ICON resin infiltration.  These can be discussed with your dentist because your teeth are unique to you and only your dentist can recommend the best solution for your teeth.

Teeth colour may come  from intrinsic or internal staining, which cannot be cleaned, so whitening may be the solution.  Extrinsic or external stains can be professionally cleaned. 

Many promises are made by manufacturers of over the counter products, and those online, and there have been cases where harm has been caused by people who are not dental professionals but nonetheless supply teeth whitening.  These products will not give you the result you are looking for, even though initially your teeth look whiter.  The products used are known to dehydrate teeth and can be damaging.  Only registered dental professionals can offer this treatment and keep you safe.  Teeth whitening is a dental treatment, not a beauty treatment.

You need one visit for a dental checkup before teeth whitening can begin.  If your dentist confirms that your teeth are suitable for whitening, then photos and impressions or scans can be taken during this visit, so that your whitening trays are made especially to fit around your teeth.  

Your dentist may recommend that you start brushing with Biomin toothpaste to ensure a more comfortable experience using Boutique Whitening, then you visit the surgery again in a fortnight to have your trays fitted and to be shown how to use teeth whitening.

After 3 to 4 weeks of using the whitening at home, you would visit the surgery again for a final assessment and some photos, so that you can see the difference between your first photos and the final ones. 

It is important to make sure your dose is correct.  One syringe lasts 5 days on upper and lower teeth.

At home teeth whitening, supervised by your dentist, is not an overnight process.  It takes time, so you will know when you are happy with the shade achieved and therefore when to stop. 

An unhappy patient is very rare, but if this is the case, then your dentist will check the fit of your trays.  If they are not snug enough, saliva may be able to mix with the gel and this will dilute the concentration of the gel.

Another cause may be bruxism (teeth grinding) which displaces the trays.  The solution may therefore be to whiten during the day.

You and your dentist will work out a solution together.  Peroxide is a successful means of teeth whitening.

There are two different reactions in this case:  Either the white spots become less noticeable or they also whiten, making them more obvious than they were.  If they do become more obviously, then treatment can continue until the rest of the teeth reach the desire degree of whiteness.

If white spots still remain, then there are other treatments available for this, which your dentist will discuss with you.

Not really.  We recommend that you don’t eat dark coloured foods for at least an hour after each day’s whitening treatment. 

Yes, otherwise your teeth will gradually return to their original colour.  How often you have to repeat the treatment depends on whether you smoke, or eat foods which leave stains.  You may need to repeat after 3 – 4 months, or every 6 months or even just once a year.  Other factors are age and grinding. 

The most common side effect is increased sensitivity, although this is temporary.  Other side effects are irritated gums or lips, again temporary.  

There are ways in which you can reduce sensitivity which your dentist will explain to you. 

Tooth repairs and restorations like crowns and veneers will not whiten, and may need to be replaced to match your new teeth colour. 

Pregnant or nursing women should not undergo the treatment.

Patients with exposed cementum or tooth roots should not have the treatment.

Those with unrealistic hopes should not have the treatment.

The Regulations and EU Directive specifically state the product must NOT be used on patients aged under 18.

Other ways we can help

There are a number of other treatments you may wish to consider

Incredibly, we can fit your new dentures in just one day, because we have that expertise, together with our exceptional on-site laboratory.  This means there’s no need for temporary dentures.

We use nearly invisible aligners from Invisalign , or tooth-coloured brackets and wires by Quick Straight Teeth, both of which are very popular and make metal braces seem like a thing of the past.

Composite bonding is applied to the surface of the teeth, often without the need to harm the tooth in any way. Used to straighten teeth, to provide smile makeovers, to cover any cracks or repair any chips. 

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