Anxious about returning to the dentist after lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic impacted all dentists from the 24th March as legally we all had to shut down. Emergency treatment stations were in place, but unfortunately for the majority of people needing treatment, this was put on hold. 

Thousands of appointments were cancelled and treatments postponed. Since Dentists re-opened in June, we have had to adapt to the new normal and had to change how our normal day in the practice looks. 

Covid-19 affected our health in so many ways and it had a huge impact on our oral health, especially having our routine check ups. 

At The Mall Stockport all changes have been made to make our patients as comfortable and as safe as possible. 

Here’s a look at what you might expect when visiting your dentist post-lockdown..

Arriving at your appointment 

Dentist practices are locking their doors to ensure there are no walk-ins. Ringing the bell or calling the reception will alert staff to let you in.  Appointments can only be made by telephone and up until the evening or morning of your appointment we will be ringing to go through some health questions with you. We cannot risk seeing anybody at the practice with any signs of covid-19. 

Arrive on time (not early or late), making sure you are alone unless there are adequate reasons for being accompanied, which have previously been discussed with staff. 

Waiting Room 

Hand sanitizer will be ready for you to apply when you walk in and a member of staff will check your temperature to make sure there are no signs of fever.  If you have to wait at all, you are asked to wear your face mask.

Rest assured that waiting areas are organised for social distancing and cleaned frequently. 

The work 

Dental teams are making sure you are safe during your appointment.  Staff are all fully equipped with full PPE and as usual, all equipment is fully sterilised. 

As for rinsing, your surgery may choose to clear your mouth with suction or you will still be asked to rinse in the usual way, but for at least 30 seconds.

Leaving your appointment

It is safer to pay with a contactless card if you can, and if possible use your own pen to sign any paperwork.

It is important for the safety of staff and patients alike that we all comply with the new safety measures put in place. 

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