Terri damaged her top front teeth as a teenager when she hit the corner of a wall whilst out riding her bike.

"It’s so good to be able to smile every day without trying to hide my teeth. All of my friends are really impressed too."

Terri damaged her top front teeth as a teenager when she hit the corner of a wall whilst out riding her bike.  Porcelain veneers were placed but they didn’t match the colour of her natural teeth and the shape wasn’t quite right.

She agreed to have the veneers replaced and her teeth re-shaped using composite bonding, then to have an overall matching teeth shade with teeth whitening.

Don't just take her word for it

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OTHER Smile Success Stories

For over 15 years we’ve improved the smiles of thousands of happy patients.  Here are a few of the latest happy patients.


Invisalign, whitening & bonding

Luke had grown up with his crooked, and chipped teeth but hadn’t really thought too much about it until he got engaged. 



Lilly lacked confidence in her smile. We recommended Invisalign and the results are incredible.


Invisalign and whitening

Alex’s open bite meant that her top and bottom front teeth didn’t meet and she thought her mouth was overcrowded.

Other ways we can help

There are a number of other treatments you may wish to consider

Incredibly, we can fit your new dentures in just one day, because we have that expertise, together with our exceptional on-site laboratory.  This means there’s no need for temporary dentures.

The solution to missing teeth that comes closest to the real thing.  Implants are permanently fixed to replace your teeth, then crowns matching your natural tooth colour are attached.

Composite bonding is applied to the surface of the teeth, often without the need to harm the tooth in any way. Used to straighten teeth, to provide smile makeovers, to cover any cracks or repair any chips. 

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