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After an unprecedented year so far, many of us are trying to form good habits and a routine for our children returning back to school, after such a very long time off. Positive habits and productive routines are so important right now.

We are setting up our children to a new way of schooling and life, so whilst we’re doing so, why not consider upgrading their oral health routines. 

Establishing positive habits during childhood is the foundation for creating and maintaining good dental health all the way through adulthood. Make this new school year the year we instill good habits in our children for ongoing oral health.

  1. Develop a strong dental hygiene routine

The earlier your child adopts the habit of brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, the more likely it is for them to keep it up for life. Make sure their morning brush is prioritised, even when you’re rushing around. 

Encouraging your child to brush and floss, at the same time being sure that they know it’s a normal grown up thing to do, is more likely to cement the habit.  Knowing we are each accountable for our oral health helps. 

  1. Make it fun

You can choose electric toothbrushes that have a two minute timer on them.  This helps make sure they are brushing for the adequate time. But where that isn’t possible, let them choose a song to brush to, that lasts at least two minutes.

  1. Pack a healthy lunchbox

Avoid the sugary, sticky and starchy snacks when packing your child’s lunch box as hese only cause tooth decay when they particles get stuck in your child’s teeth. They also don’t do your child any favours healthwise.

Packing the lunch with colourful veggies and fruits will add fun to the meal. Wholegrains, seeds, beans and yogurts are all things you should add in where possible. Speak about the nutrients they will get from the foods they are eating and why they are good for the body and brain, which is especially good during school time where they need energy to concentrate and stay focussed. 

  1. Think ahead

Do not leave dentist check ups until the last minute. Plan way ahead and save yourself time and stress. 

Always have an overnight bag packed with essentials such as floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush for impromptu sleepovers. 

Things like this are simple to do ahead of time and can make a massive difference.

  1. Regularly visit the dentist

The team here at The Mall recommends that children come and visit every six months for a regular check-up and clean. We have a focus on preventive dentistry, where the goal is to catch issues before they become expensive problems further down the track.

At your child’s next visit, ask our team team for some tips to prevent gum disease and decay and in what ways you can strengthen their enamel.

Start the school year off with a smile.The Mall is a family friendly practice that welcomes patients of all ages. Contact us today.

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