Dental advice for children as the festive season approaches

Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas mean piles of sweet treats for our children. We believe children should enjoy their favourite treats – with their dental health in mind.

Here’s some suggestions to help your children’s teeth maintain their health:

  • Eat sweets and other sugary foods/drinks with meals or shortly after mealtime. This way the saliva production increases during meals which helps cancel out acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth and rinses away food particles. 
  • Let them enjoy pop if they wish, but followed by a cup of water, so the acids don’t have enough time to sit on their teeth. 
  • Throughout a regular day, allow them to snack but very little and avoid sugary snacks such as sweets. Cavities are often caused by regular consumption of sweets and pop.
  • Avoid really hard sweets that have to stay in their mouth for a long time.  Aside from the dangers of choking, they are also a major problem for tooth decay. If they wish to have a lollipop, try choosing a sugar free alternative. 
  • Gummy bears and those sorts of jelly sweets, including the sticky ropes, also take longer to chew and are not washed away by saliva, which again risks tooth decay. So limit how much of them they consume to a minimum. 
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water each day to keep their teeth, body and brain hydrated. Water will help their saliva production and will wash away food particles throughout the day. 
  • If they receive too many treats from others, suggest them donating some of their sweets to a food bank for other children to enjoy. 
  • Eat a healthy diet every day to give their body, teeth and mind the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive. 
  • Brush twice a day if possible at least thirty minutes to one hour after they have eaten. Encourage them to floss in between their teeth after eating and snacking to avoid trapped food which would lead to further decay. 
  • Remember to replace their toothbrush every three months with a soft bristle brush and book in for their dental check ups every six months. 

Hopefully, you will decide to take some of the suggestions on board and feel better about this season of indulgence.  We hope you and your children have a happy timewith lots of fun and laughter. 

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