How Soon Shall I Take My Child to The Dentist?

The joy of parenthood also comes with many appointments – vaccinations, doctor’s visits…and visits to see the dentist in Stockport all need to be part of your child’s appointment schedule to keep them healthy and happy.

Here at The Mall Stockport, we recommend you should take your child to see their dentist in Stockport as soon as your child gets their first tooth.

Your child’s first dental visit

Even if your child only has one tooth, it is still important to see the dentist so we can check to make sure that the tooth is coming in properly.

Our dentists will also want to check and make sure that your child has healthy gums and that the teeth below the surface are well-aligned for when they make their first appearance in the jaw.

Many of our patients don’t realise that oral health is about more than teeth – even for young children. Our dentists will get a sense for your baby’s overall oral health – tongue, gums – making sure that everything looks good and healthy.

Is there any other reason I should bring my child?

For some small children, going to the dentist can be a bit alarming – it is a new experience with different lights and machines. By scheduling a dental appointment for your child at a young age, you will help familiarise them with the dental practice and will make it easier for your child to have a good experience coming to see their dentist at The Mall Stockport.

Some of our patients are surprised to find out that their dentist at The Mall can offer advice on bottle feeding, diet and other health issues that affect your child’s teeth and oral health. Our dentists are health professionals who are here to help maintain the overall well-being of your child – so take advantage of the experience and expertise we have to offer.

Going to the dentist is a rite of passage for children – and it is a part of growing up that we all remember from when we were little. The first visit to the dentist is one of the many milestones that show that your child is growing up healthy and strong.

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