Can braces affect my speech?

When new orthodontic appliances are fitted, it will take your mouth a few weeks to adjust, and so it is completely normal for your mouth to feel different.

Whilst people adjust at different rates, most people adjust quickly to the feeling of the lingual brace. For many people, speech is not affected, but for some the braces can alter how the tongue moves and this can result in some words being mispronounced initially. 

Is speech affected permanently by braces?

Slight changes in the mouth that occur as a result of wearing braces can result in speech alterations. This is because the tongue is sensitive. However, the tongue is also highly adaptable and therefore changes in the mouth caused by lingual braces are usually adapted to within a couple of weeks. If you experience longer-lasting speech changes, which can happen in a few cases, speak with your dentist or seek advice from a voice tutor therapist. 

Thankfully, even if you experience speech changes because of your braces, because to improvements in brace technology, the treatment process happens quickly and your speech will return to normal soon. In fact, most patients complete their treatment plan within seven months. 

Can braces improve your speech?

In some situations, braces can even improve speech. As teeth have an important role to play in how we pronounce and articulate words, having teeth aligned through braces can help to improve such speech impediments. 

Takeaway message 

Although braces can affect speech for some people, it is a very small price to pay for the brilliant straight-toothed smile that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. The impact of braces on speech is also usually short lasting, and with a little patience you will find you will be speaking as usual – with the added bonus of brand new smile.

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