Composite Bonding – Is it a quick fix?

Composite bonding is a reliable, affordable and quick form of invasive cosmetic dentistry that allows material to be matched exactly to the tooth colour without any need to cut down teeth drastically.

The composite bonding method is liked by dentists and patients as it preserves natural enamel and can be easily repaired. 

Composite bonding is also quick, taking between 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. This means that the treatment can drastically change your appearance in short space of time.  There is also no recovery time, so patients can return to work immediately afterwards and eat normally. However, some people might experience some sensitivity around the area following the procedure. 

The cost of composite bonding is affordable for most, but exact prices vary, depending on individual cases. If you are looking to achieve a better smile, you can achieve this at a low cost and with limited discomfort, with composite bonding. 

If you are wanting to achieve your perfect smile, reach out and get some help from the team at The Mall. We would love to talk with you about how composite bonding can be your quick fix.

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