How a Stockport Dentist Can Help You Smile Again!

Have you ever worried about visiting the dentist? Did you know that many of the adult population of the UK are anxious about visiting the dentist? Because of this, many patients wait until there is a real emergency before visiting their dentist and checking up on their teeth. Sadly this approach is more costly than people think. By the time that an emergency has happened then it is usually too late to fix or heal a tooth that may have been saved or prevented from harm if seen to at an earlier stage.

We recommend that you visit our dentist at The Mall Stockport to make sure that you keep your mouth in the best possible health. Teeth need to be cared for, but did you know that you can also get a free oral cancer screening at the practice with your checkup?

There are many reasons to visit your dentist. At The Mall Stockport we take patient care very seriously, so even if you are frightened of the dentist, embarrassed or ashamed of your teeth, we can help you relax in our state-of-the-art dental practice.

What happens when I visit The Mall Stockport?

First of all, you will be invited into our beautiful practice for a free of charge consultation. That’s right, we don’t charge patients for an initial consultation. You will be greeted by our friendly treatment coordinator, who will take great care of you and ensure that you are comfortable. They will also listen to any questions that you have about your teeth, oral health or any dental treatments you may be interested in.

You will be taken for an initial examination of your mouth, where dental photographs may be taken to support your examination. Next, a range of treatment options and costs may be presented to you, if you or your dentist believes that you need further treatment, either general or restorative, and we can also talk with you about our range of cosmetic treatments, which we offer at The Mall Stockport.

Dentist fees are presented clearly and simply to you so that you know where you are, every step of your journey with us.

For your free consultation, please call 0161 480 8040.

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