What’s the secret behind a bright smile?

Improving our teeth has become an imperative for many people.  Today’s celebrity world has helped to bring this to the attention of a younger generation, just one example being rappers, musicians who often mention having their teeth fixed in songs such as Cardi B in the Bodak Yellow song ‘’Got a bag and fixed my teeth’’. 

Whilst we may have received orthodontic treatment in our youth, in some cases, there may be a need to revisit this treatment in the future.  Braces later on in life are still needed if the patient stops wearing their retainers. For those of us whose teeth were not bad enough for full on braces, the desire to have those perfect straight teeth still lingers as we scroll through social media or watch our favourite movie stars’ Hollywood smiles on our big screens. 

Influencers have been known to say that ‘’teeth are the new boobs’’ a very tongue in cheek remark, although we can’t help but agree. Getting a ‘’teeth job’’ means, to some, changing your whole appearance and appeal with a set of stunning, straight white teeth. 

Unlike the plastic look of some cosmetic surgeries and enhancements, the perfect smile and ‘’teeth job’’ actually shows off health and wellness. The confidence a new smile gives people is immeasurable and has great impact on their overall health and appearance. 

The world is obsessed with clean living and health right now and it’s not a bad craze. People are conscious of what they are putting onto their teeth as well as what they are putting into their bodies nowadays. More and more people are aware of how smoking yellows teeth and turmeric etc stains our teeth. 

Teeth whitening such as Boutique Whitening and other cosmetic procedures we provide here at The Mall cover all of your smile needs. 

Clean, white and glossy smiles are all the rage. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you achieve your life-changing smile.  It may be easier and more affordable than you think.

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