You want teeth which are uniform in length?

We recently saw a video on TikTok which showed someone trying to whiten their teeth by applying bleach on a cotton bud.    Now, it seems people think they can make their teeth an equal length by using nail files.

Apparently, these people are seeking perfection – to get rid of ridges as well!  

The look is improved, it’s true enough – but dentists are warning that the damage caused could be permanent.  One dentist pointed out that whilst hair may grow back in weeks, you have no second chance with teeth.  DIY treatments such as this may permanently damage the structure of the teeth and this is not reversible.

Once the enamel – the hard outer layer of your teeth – is damaged, it can never grow back, and what may be revealed is the yellow dentine underneath the enamel, which there is no hope of whitening – and every chance that without the protection of the enamel, teeth will become more and more sensitive, prone to cavities and lose their lustre and whiteness.  

So – whilst the treatment may be expensive, dentists these days can usually help patients to spread the cost, so if you really want to level up your teeth, consult the only people you should – your local dental surgery.

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