How Your Dentist Can Replace Lost Teeth to Restore Your Smile

Every dentist will tell you that replacing missing teeth is important. At The Mall Stockport we offer a number of solutions to tooth loss. Whether you have lost one tooth or several, you should come in for a consultation as soon as possible after tooth loss occurs, in order to preserve your oral and general health – as well as your self-confidence.

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons – dental decay, untreated gum disease, injuries, or accidents involving the head or face, even as part of the natural ageing process. Whatever has caused you to lose a tooth or teeth, at our The Mall Stockport dental practice a dentist will find the perfect solution.

Tooth replacement options from your Stockport dentist


Dentures can be used to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws (a full denture) or some of the teeth in either jaw (a partial denture). There have been dentures of one form or another for many centuries, and the modern versions are more realistic in terms of both action and appearance than ever before.

Your The Mall Stockport dentist will make sure your denture fits snugly over your gums, and you will be able to take it out to clean.


Traditional dental bridges can be used to replace one or two adjacent teeth, and take their support from surrounding teeth. If those teeth are strong, healthy, and free from large fillings, a traditional dental bridge can be a good option. Your dentist will make sure the bridge matches your existing teeth.

Dental implants

At our The Mall Stockport dental practice, we believe that dental implants are often the best way to replace missing teeth – from one tooth to all your teeth. Implants are titanium tooth roots that hold a crown, bridge or denture in place with no need for any work to be done on adjacent teeth.

An implant-retained bridge can contain more teeth than a standard bridge, whilst with implant-secured dentures the problem of bone loss is avoided. After placing your implant(s) under local anaesthetic or sedation, your dentist will leave them to heal before attaching your permanent new teeth on top.

Find out more about bringing back your smile by contacting our Mall Stockport team on 0161 480 8040.

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