The health benefits of having a clean mouth

As we age, the importance of having frequent dental appointments increases, even if you have a full set of dentures.

Whether you have all of your original teeth or a full set of dentures, it is crucial to keep an eye on your oral health, which  includes your gums, cheeks, tongue, and jaw. 

It is easy to forget your oral health as you age, because your overall health is impacted. But your dental health is essential to maintain, as dental problems can cause more difficulties for the body. 

By keeping up with your regularly scheduled dental visits, at the very least twice a year, you will enjoy the many benefits of having a clean mouth and teeth.

It minimises the occurrence of diabetes

After the age of 45, your chance of diabetes type 2 increases, especially if you are overweight or obese.

Gum disease can also be connected to diabetes. Periodontal diseases limit your body’s ability to process insulin. Additionally, severe gum diseases can affect your body’s ability to control its blood glucose levels. This can impact how severe your diabetes can manifest itself. 

It reduces your risk of pneumonia

Pneumonia is an infection that affects your lungs. It causes inflammation in the air sacs in your lungs, which makes it difficult to breathe. In older adults, pneumonia can be debilitating or even fatal. 

As bacteria can be left to gestate in your mouth it is also being breathed into your lungs. Breathing in bacterial droplets is leaving you highly susceptible to pneumonia, especially the older you are. 

It can prevent cavities

The horrible white film that builds up on our teeth throughout the day is called plaque and it is the main cause of tooth decay. When the plaque is left to sit on your teeth for lengthy periods of time, its acidic chemicals destroy our tooth enamel. 

You can help keep your teeth and mouth healthy, by brushing and flossing twice a day. This will prevent plaque from causing cavities. However, it can be difficult to remove all of it, so a professional clean at the dentist will make certain of removal, which will protect your teeth from cavities.

It Can Prevent Gum Disease

A more serious cause of plaque build-up leads to tartar, which is a result of the plaque being left for a long time to harden. This can only be removed by a professional dentist.  If you leave it unattended the tartar can cause periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease affects the tissues surrounding your teeth that hold them in place. While periodontal disease is usually the result of poor dental health, if you smoke your risk factors for periodontal disease increase dramatically.

If this disease is left untreated, periodontal disease will cause sore and bleeding gums as well as potentially extreme pain while chewing.

It can prevent tooth loss

When periodontal diseases escalate, the plaque moves from the teeth down to the area around your tooth’s roots. There, its acidic properties are serious enough to attack and destroy the bones in your jaw.

This is what commonly causes tooth loss among adults. By scheduling regular cleans, your dentist can keep a close eye on the condition of your gums and jaw bones.

It gets rid of stubborn bad breath

Halitosis is torturous for anybody suffering from it or anyone in close proximity to somebody who has it. It smells deathly. You end up spending more time thinking about how to get out of the conversation or if you should offer them a mint politely, than actually taking in anything they are saying. 

Bad breath that lingers and follows you around is incredibly frustrating for everyone. This means brushing teeth is not enough to get rid of the smell. It shows up within seconds! The bad smell is caused by bad bacteria thriving in your mouth. 

The only way to get rid of stubborn bacteria in your mouth is to book in with your dentist for a professional clean. They will then advise you on a strict, rigorous oral health routine to keep up to. 

It will brighten your smile

Did you know that your teeth are made up of multiple layers? Under your tooth enamel, there is a bone-like tissue called dentin. As you get older, the outer enamel of your teeth thins, which allows the yellow dentin to show through the enamel.

Most of our favourite drinks and foods stain our teeth and the only way to remove some of the tough stains is by having professional cleaning from your dentist. A professional clean will leave you with a brighter smile. 

You will enjoy improvements to your overall health

Your oral health and general body health, including that of your brain, are deeply connected. By ensuring that you have a clean mouth and teeth, you are reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, lung infections, erectile dysfunction and even cancer.

When you visit your dentist every six months, they do much more than just a thorough clean of your teeth. They do a thorough health check with x-rays to check there are no indicators or oral cancers or other dangerous health issues.  

You will save money in the long run

Brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day as well as seeing your dentist once every six months will help to prevent tooth decay and other oral hygiene issues.

Imagine if you visit the dentist once every two or three years? You leave yourself at risk of severe plaque build-up o,r even worse, you could have developed gum disease in that length of time, and it has been untreated. Preventative care is much cheaper than reactive care. Avoid the expensive and invasive procedures by having regular check-ups and a good oral hygiene.  

Do not neglect your dental health

Paying attention to your dental health is just as vital as monitoring your general health for optimum health. 

Keep your teeth and mouth clean. Book your appointment with The Mall today for your dental clean.

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