A loose denture can be painful, uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Trying to maintain and repair dentures can be time consuming and expensive. 

Dentures become loose for different reasons – bone resorption is the most common reason. The process is your gums beginning to shrink because they are no longer being used to hold your teeth in place. 

Loose dentures can simply be caused by their everyday wear and tear. You can prevent this by taking good care of your dentures, which means not chewing or biting down hard on food. Also, remembering to take them out before going to bed at night. 

If you are feeling fed up, here are some solutions. 

Relining your denture

A denture of two or more years of use may need relining. Denture relining, or resurfacing, is an important part of caring for a denture and ensuring it fits in your mouth correctly. Depending on the bones and tissue in your mouth reducing in time, you may well need a denture relined earlier than the two-year typical period. There are two basic types of denture relines: soft dentures and hard denture relines. The latter relies on a harder acrylic which is typically used on those with tender gums. The former uses a softer material. Your dentist can decide which is best for you.

Dental implant retained dentures 

Denture relining can provide a temporary solution to loose dentures, whereas dental implant retained dentures are the ultimate solution. When a denture is retained using dental implants, it is no longer loose. This eliminates the need for adhesives, as well as discomfort caused by movement. To preserve remaining bones in the jaw, implants are the best choice. They also improve the ability to chew, just like natural teeth, while being secure and stable.There is no comparison to the near perfect fit and security offered by a dental implant retained denture. 

Denture adhesives

Denture adhesives are a temporary fix for loose dentures, but shouldn’t be relied upon as a permanent solution. Take care to not over use dental adhesive; you only need a small amount of denture adhesive to stabilise a well fitting denture. 

Book an appointment

Don’t live with a loose denture; if you’re not sure whether denture relining or dental implants are the best option for you, book an appointment today. We can go through the best options for your situation when we meet. 

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