Beating Fear of The Dentist And Getting Back to Oral Health

Being scared of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. At The Mall Stockport our whole team are sympathetic to the needs of nervous dental patients, and are committed to working with you at your own pace to help you back to oral health.

There are numerous causes of fear of the dentist, and the team at our Stockport clinic can help with all of them. Some people’s dental anxiety is triggered by a negative experience with a dentist during childhood, whilst others can identify a specific cause, such as the sight of a needle or the sound or vibration of a drill.

Others fear what treatment they might need, or are anxious that the dentist will judge them if they haven’t visited a practice in many years. At The Mall Stockport you will never be judged if your oral health has fallen into less than perfect condition because of fear of the dentist.

Should you require any further treatment, your dentist will explain why it is necessary, and exactly what will be involved, so that there are no nasty surprises. We use the latest modern dentistry techniques at our Stockport practice, which means that the vast majority of treatments are pain-free.

One popular option for both nervous and phobic dental patients at our Stockport practice is to use conscious sedation. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be asleep as you would be with a general anaesthetic, so you will be able to cooperate with your dentist as needed. However, you will be in a very relaxed, peaceful and pain-free state, and will remember very little if anything about treatment when it is done.

Intravenous sedation means that you will feel extremely relaxed almost instantly, as the sedative drugs are delivered directly to your bloodstream. The dentists and nurses at The Mall Stockport are specially trained to deliver dental sedation, and will make sure you are safe and comfortable at all times.

If you have any treatment under conscious sedation, a friend or family member will need to accompany you to your appointment and drive you home afterwards. They will also need to take care of you until the sedatives wear off.

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