Calming your dental nerves

At The Mall we are experienced in working with nervous and dental phobic patients. We want you to help you get back to good dental health and maintain it comfortably. 

Approximately one in ten adults in the UK are so nervous of dental treatment they do not visit the dentist for many years. They are often forced to see a dentist when an emergency arises, and the dentist can no longer be avoided.  Dental nerves in adults is a very common condition, which may help to pressure you that you are not alone with your fear.  

At The Mall dental practice, we believe that the key to working with nervous patients starts with the appropriate time and care being given to each patient, focused on their specific individual needs. Dental fear is a real phobia that we take very seriously. Fears of the dentist can come from bad childhood experiences with the dentist or are even triggered by specific sounds of drills or needles. Patients can also worry about being judged over the damage their teeth are in. 

We believe that the fear of the dentist should not be a barrier to having dental treatment. Our staff are ready to talk through procedures with patients, to give them peace of mind. It can be very beneficial to meet the staff prior to coming in for treatment. We will do whatever we can to help and support you to get over your dental phobia. 

There are many ways you can calm your nerves about your dental appointments, such as bringing a friend, speaking with patients who have previously had the same treatment – and listening to music while having some procedures is also a possibility. 

The majority of procedures are pain free, as dental techniques and procedures have advanced massively over the past few decades. Conscious sedation is available at The Mall for patients who need additional help to relax, reassuring them that they will not feel any pain.

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