Can I do anything about My Receding Gums?

Whilst you cannot replace gum tissue, you can prevent gums receding even further.

This is advisable because when gums recede, they expose more tooth and even the roots, then gaps open up between the teeth and the gums. This is where bacteria can accumulate and cause gum disease as well as eroding the teeth. The more serious instances happen when any infection can begin to break down the bone under the gum, loosening teeth and even causing tooth loss.

It’s a long process and some people don’t even notice until they develop swollen or inflamed gums, mouth ulcers and pain or bleeding when brushing or flossing.


Treatments depend on both the cause and the severity of the problem:

Root planing or tooth scaling ensures a deep clean which helps mild gum recession. The gums are peeled back to ensure the deep clean, and sometimes an antibiotic gel can be applied. Otherwise, oral antibiotics or a special mouthwash can be used.

Surgery may be necessary if there is too much bone loss, using tissue or gum grafts or a bone regeneration procedure. Grafts are taken from your gums or the roof of your mouth. If bone regeneration is required, this involves applying a material to encourage regeneration.


Here are a few tips to help prevent gum disease:

Stop smoking.

Ensure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth correctly and often enough.

Eat food which is healthy for your mouth and discourages bacterial growth.

Visit the dentist as often as you are advised (normally at least every 6 months). Your

dentist will spot signs of disease before you will.

Accept treatments from your dentist which reduce the risk of gum disease.

At The Mall, you will be fully informed as to your options and encouraged to ask any questions if you are in doubt.

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