Different types of tooth pain

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to experience tooth pain, you will understand how important it is to act immediately. 

The first twinge of pain you feel is the red light you need to take seriously. You should almost be grateful for the warning pain. When you have back ache you book in for a massage or to see your GP, so the same attention should be given for any pain felt in your mouth. 

There is always more to that dull ache or twinge you are feeling in your mouth, whether it is constant or intermittent. It means something is not right and your dentist needs to investigate. If you ignore the pains, you will find it’s just a matter of time before the pains start to become unbearable or at least too uncomfortable to continue.  

The pain you feel highlights a matter that needs dental attention. It pays to know what each sensation is trying to tell you about your oral health.

Minor discomfort with food temperatures

If the brain freezes after a lick of an ice cream or you feel a slight twinge of pain after an ice lolly, this is not something to worry about. It simply indicates the teeth are sensitive. Most people experience increased sensitivity after dental procedures such as teeth whitening or as a result of over-brushing. But, if the pain does not go away after an extended period of time, do not ignore it.

Severe tooth sensitivity serves as an indicator of tooth decay, a condition caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth. Once you experience painful sensitivity, call your dentist to make an appointment for restoring your tooth health immediately.

That sharp pain

Do you ever experience a sharp pain when you bite? If you do, you need to do something about it immediately.

Unbearable pain when biting indicates serious oral health problems, which can include a cracked tooth and eroded or loose fillings. The sharp sensation indicates that your tooth’s pulp tissue (which contains nerves and vessels) might be exposed. In some cases a root canal treatment easily removes the infected tissue to relieve you of the pain, as well as save your tooth from being removed. 

Dull Aches

When you experience a dull type of pain in your upper jaw and teeth, you might be suffering from sinusitis. Common colds often trigger these symptoms, but if the aching persists, consider professional dental help.

Of course, a dull ache may be the prelude to something worse, which needs to be investigated by a professional.

You must pay attention to any pain felt in your mouth. Pains are the warning signs you need to take seriously to prevent any further damage that might be occurring inside your mouth. By acting immediately, you have a chance save your teeth and gums. Get in touch with your dentist at The Mall today if you are feeling any unusual pains or aches.

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