Don’t Delay Treatment of a Dental Abscess

The pain an abscess causes will not go away without treatment.

Dental abscesses are not often covered in dental blogs because they make people wince or cringe. This is even more true if you have ever had the unpleasant reality of having an abscess. Patients who have ever experienced an abscess under one tooth or several will be unlikely to forget the traumatic pain they endured.

One of the most common dental emergency appointments is actually because of dental abscesses. The importance of knowing the facts behind the dangers of abscesses are crucial if you are ever unlucky enough to experience one for yourself. 

Do not try to wait out possible abscess pain at home.  Take these guidelines into consideration: 

Abscesses are commonly caused by an infected pulp which can only be treated by a professional. 

Abscesses DO NOT go away on their own; they need expert help.
Delaying a visit to your dentist will only result in more pain.

Throbbing pain that keeps you awake and causes your face to swell is a clear indicator that the pain is coming from an abscess of the mouth. 

Here at The Mall, our team will welcome you with reassurance and comfort during such a stressful time. As soon as your dentist confirms the abscess, your initial discomfort will be treated and this will start to reduce the pain. 

Every patient and the cause of the abscess can differ, so what treatment may be needed to completely get rid of the abscess will depend on the individual.  For instance most patients may need a root canal to get rid of the infection from the pulp, which is then filled to stop further infection getting in. 

X Rays are carried out to see the size and approximate place of the abscess before and after treatment. Antibiotics are usually needed to make sure all of the infection is gone. This can take two weeks to one month depending on the severity of the infection. 

Some abscesses are known to burst and seemingly go away for a period of time, but this is temporary as the infection lays dormant in the pulp. Also, the burst abscess can cause a distinctly unpleasant smell. 

If you choose to leave abscesses untreated, be aware they can cause a deformation to their surrounding bone and your teeth may protrude at odd angles owing to extreme pressure. 

If you ever have an infection occur overnight, please contact our team for emergency treatment. We will ease your discomfort and help you feel better immediately.

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