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These days just having healthy teeth and gums is not enough, most people also want gleaming, perfectly proportioned smiles too. And whilst a great smile is important, at The Mall Stockport, we don’t believe in encouraging people to spend lots of money on cosmetic dentistry if their teeth, gums, mouth, and bones are not in tip top health. That’s why at our practice our Stockport dentist will focus on health as much as beauty.

A bit about bites

People these days are very concerned about having beautifully straight teeth, but we also want to know about your bite. If it doesn’t quite fit, it can affect not only your teeth, but also your jaw joint, your gums, and even the muscles in your face. A misaligned bite can cause you to grind your teeth at night and clench your jaw, creating facial pain, headaches, discomfort and clicking, as well as neck, shoulder and even back pain.

If you come to us with these symptoms, your The Mall Stockport dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard at night. This will stop your jaw clenching and grinding to wear down your teeth. There are other measures that we may also recommend, including braces or surgery, replacing missing teeth or adjustments to ill-fitting bridgework.

Dental surgery

If, during a check-up, we find that you need oral surgery, the dentist who performs it will have been trained in techniques to carry out procedures with great care.

A recommendation for oral surgery may come as a result of the need to have a tooth extracted, if you have advanced tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth. You can have sedation as well as an anaesthetic if surgery makes you feel anxious.

You may need to have root canal treatment if the pulp in your tooth has become infected, because the infection may spread and could lead to a painful abscess or having to have your tooth removed at a later date.

However, you can avoid all of the above if you come for regular check-ups, during which your dentist at The Mall Stockport can spot problems in their early stages. Using x-rays can help discover decay under enamel, infections in the root, and any bone loss around the tooth.

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