Having a Filling at The Dentist in Stockport

Fillings are a commonly used dental tool and they are basically repairs to the teeth. When you have your regular check-ups at The Mall Stockport, your dentist will check if you need any fillings. There are different types, a variety of materials and a few different reasons why you might need a filling.

How is a filling fitted?

If you decide to go ahead with a filling after advice from your dentist at The Mall Stockport, we are often able to address the issue straight away. If not, our friendly administration team can make an appointment for your filling in the near future.

The first step is usually anaesthesia, although if the problem is superficial enough, this may not be necessary. If required, the dentist at The Mall Stockport will numb the area and then clean out any decayed tooth. A filling is then placed and bonded into position using dental resin. The dentist may then finish off with a polish to smooth away any edges or remove excess resin.

Filling materials

You can take advantage of white fillings at The Mall Stockport so that they blend in with your teeth. It used to be that amalgam or metallic fillings were much stronger, but modern materials mean that a similar longevity can now be achieved with white fillings. Materials that are used to make fillings including composite resin, gold, glass and ceramic.

Some people worry about the safety of old amalgam fillings. There is no reason to think that they cause any health problems and they do not need to be replaced unless you want to do so for cosmetic reasons. Some people choose to do this, especially if they have a lot of metal fillings.

Problems with fillings

Issues with fillings are relatively rare as they are such a common procedure. It is normal for the area to feel a little tender or sensitive for the first couple of weeks after they are fitted. The dentist at The Mall Stockport can tell you what to expect. Any issues after this time frame should be reported to the practice. There is normally a simple way to fix any problems, such as further shaping and filing of the filling.

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