Have you ever had a dream about your teeth falling out?

If you have ever had a dream about your teeth falling out or if you have had that dream multiple times, it could indicate severe stressors in your life. 

After dreaming all your teeth have fallen out, your first instinct is to rub your tongue on your teeth. Questioning whether or not you should ring the dentist and make sure your  teeth are not going to fall out is very common. 

The dream dictionary online states that the dream could be showing a few things such as transition, insecurity, and even a loss of some kind. Perhaps you are moving jobs or a house? That would be a big transition. Are you insecure about your relationship or even your appearance? Or have you lost a close friend or family member? Maybe you have broken up with a partner? 

You could also be feeling out of control and powerless over something going on in your life, according to dream moods. These are the questions to ask yourself after having your anxieties raised. 

Examine your life and take a moment to slow down. Self care and time to yourself is important for reflecting on what’s going on for you. When you are able to be present you can recognize what could be causing you stress. Practise gratitude during these times and tell yourself you are strong and enough. If grief is something you are dealing with, get in touch with a grief counsellor. 

Maybe you just need some tlc or a smile makeover. Whatever it is, take time out to relax and love yourself. 

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