Health Before Beauty

At The Mall Stockport, your dentist in Stockport, we are firm fans of preventive dentistry, which focuses on keeping your teeth healthy and strong, rather than on fixing problems. It’s an attitude shift that has been occurring throughout the UK dental profession for the past few years and has become increasingly important as more and more people have become interested in having cosmetic dentistry.

The thing is, no sane dentist in Stockport, and certainly at The Mall, is going to let you waste your hard-earned cash on cosmetic procedures if your teeth aren’t in great condition. Health before beauty is what we believe in.

So, when you come to us for your first appointment as your new Stockport dentist, we will begin with an in-depth examination of your teeth, gums, jawbone, tongue and mouth. We will also want to find out all about your dental history and your desired dental future.

Fingers crossed, our examination will show that you are in tip-top oral health, but, if there is some decay or gum disease for which you need remedial treatment, we will treat you using contemporary techniques and materials.


If you’d rather not have mercury amalgam fillings, we can use composite materials. Composite fillings take away less healthy tooth material and bond with what remains. They match your tooth colour and can be sculpted to give you back a good chewing surface.

Root canal therapy

You may need root canal treatment if bacteria have got into the pulp of the tooth, either via a crack or decay. Bacteria give off acid that irritates and infects the tooth, leading to severe toothache as the pressure increases inside the tooth. To treat this, your dentist at The Mall Stockport will clean out the canal, removing the pulp, then fill the root before sealing it.

Tooth extraction

If you have teeth beyond help, we will need to extract them. They can be replaced with a bridge, partial denture or dental implants. Each way of replacing teeth has its merits and we can talk over which is best for you. However, you do need to put something in place, otherwise your remaining teeth can tip into the gap left by each missing tooth.

Please call us on 0161 480 8040 if you have any questions to ask our friendly staff.

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