How to feel good about visiting the dentist

24% of people around the world allegedly suffer from dental phobia. For most people, dental anxiety is disturbing and uncomfortable but not disabling. But dental phobia can be so bad, the thought of going to the dentist literally terrorizes people.

Their answer is to avoid the experience altogether, leading potentially to the development of severe dental problems and ultimately – pain.

It is essential to conquer your fear and take control of your oral health. So here is a list of suggestions to help you feel good about going to the dentist. 

  • Speak to your dentist over the phone about your fears and options for anaesthesia, as this helps calm you during the procedures and takes away any pain. 
  • Look into RTT tapping and quick calming meditations before going to your appointment. These methods have proven to rid your body of unnecessary stress and calm your stressed brain. 
  • Take headphones to your appointment and listen to calming music or anything that makes you feel good. 
  • Practise breathing relaxation exercises on your way to the appointment and in the waiting room.  You can find various options online, but again this is another proven exercise to help your body and mind relax. 
  • Take a book for the waiting area to take your attention away from the anxiety of going into your appointment. 
  • Practice affirmations such as ‘’My oral health is important for my overall health’’. Be mindful and recognize the importance of the dentist and how good you will feel afterwards. 
  • If you can take somebody with you to your appointment, this will help you feel supported and a friendly conversation will distract you in the waiting room. 

At The Mall Stockport we do everything possible to make sure you feel good during your appointment. We understand the seriousness of dental phobia and take all your concerns and feelings seriously. Get in touch today to book your appointment and start feeling good about visiting the dentist.

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