Is toothache always a sign of tooth decay?

The various degrees of dental pain all have one thing in common – they are revealing a problem with your oral health.  A tooth pain is telling you to contact your dentist. 

It really pays to know what each dull or stinging sensation is trying to tell you about your current oral health condition.

Sensitivity is a big indicator of tooth decay, while sharp pains indicate a much more serious problem, such as cracked teeth or loose fillings. 

Dull, continual pains felt in your jaw could signal the start of an abscess which must be treated straight away.  On the other hand, it could  mean sinusitis.  Whilst the sinuses are not located in your mouth, they are behind the cheekbones and forehead, and commonly, the pain from these is referred to the upper teeth.   Therefore, what feels like toothache is a pain which has been transferred from the source to your teeth.

Try not to discount the pain, as some people think it’s possibly something that will go away on its own. Any pain you feel, no matter how minor, needs your attention. Nerves in the mouth are sensitive but don’t react for no reason. 

Give yourself a chance of preventing any further problems that could possibly leave you with severe pain and further issues. Always pay attention to whatever aches your teeth and gums give to you. 

Any of the symptoms above require your attention and here at The Mall we are happy to assist, no matter how small you think the problem might be. 

Get in touch today to find out the truth behind your dental aches and pains.

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