Lifelong Oral Health

Lifelong oral health is not only vital for your overall health, it is also crucial for your wellbeing, comfort and appearance. Your self-esteem is affected if you are unhappy with the way you look.

Avoiding smiling is very sad, but it’s very popular with people who are not confident with the way their smile looks. Keeping strong white teeth is attainable your whole life as long as you have the correct oral health regime and the support of a good dentist. 

The Mall is committed to taking care of your oral health for life. 

The right care 

Lifelong oral health begins as a child, so we believe that encouraging children into the routine of regular dental appointments establishes good oral hygiene. It also helps prevent any problems that could arise and deteriorate if untreated. The alignment of teeth is also ideal to fix during childhood, when there is still a mixture of adult and baby teeth. 

Adults who miss out on the right dental care as children can still improve their oral health. It is never too late here at The Mall. We offer a wide range of treatments, including a range of braces that fit into your lifestyle. Cosmetic procedures are also available, including teeth whitening and veneers that dramatically improve adult smiles.  There is no need to live with gaps in your teeth, thanks to dental implants and improved crowns and bridges. 

In emergencies with children or adults, The Mall offers very rapid appointments to deal with issues causing severe pain, such as abscesses and teeth that have been knocked out. So, whatever your needs are, The Mall can cover it all. 

The confidence in choosing us 

Trusting your dentist is something we feel very strongly about at The Mall.  We are committed to always updating our techniques and using the latest technology. We focus on quality and provide detailed care to hundreds of returning patients. For your peace of mind, we ensure we provide great care to keep your mouth healthy, as well as offering services to enhance your smile and confidence. 

At The Mall, we believe treatments should be available to everyone, so we have a range of payment options, including 0% finance. Our treatment rooms are especially designed to be as relaxing as possible to help provide a comfortable, calm experience. 

Oral health is an investment that should always be prioritised and encouraged from childhood years. We at The Mall can look after all your dental needs to ensure your dental health and improve your smile aesthetics.

Call the team at The Mall if you have any questions.

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