Snoring can put a strain on your relationship?

At The Mall Stockport, we understand the strain snoring has on our relationships. We offer a series of oral devices or mouthpieces to address your snoring problems. As that is just one of the solutions.

While your  partner is kept awake rolling their eyes, once again, you may not be having the quality of sleep that you need, either.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine a study that more than 800 men took part in a few years back. 95 of those men were severely heavy snorers, 573 were moderate snorers and 159 were mild or not snorers at all. The study asked the men a series of questions covering their sex life, satisfaction and where snoring came into it.

Not surprisingly, the study found that those men who snored heavily were reported to be less sexually satisfied compared with those mild or non-snorers. Snoring affects sleep quality, and so heavy snorers are usually more fatigued, with excessive needs to nap during the daytime and less energy to use up when the evening comes.

Nightly snoring actually gives your partner stress and less desire for intimacy as they end up extremely tired (and irritated) too. In fact, in some relationships partners actually sleep in a separate bed and room, which inhibits intimacy for some.

Weight and snoring are often linked, so perhaps in some cases losing weight is the first remedy. Snoring can also be caused by congestion, so make sure you have consulted your doctor to eliminate possible irritants. They can usually provide you with congestion clearing medications.

There are specialists with snoring that can tell you if you have a sleeping disorder. Again, they can give you the right medication for your individual issues. For now, you can consider having one of our oral devices or mouthpieces fitted for you by our friendly dentists. These will prevent the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring. Don’t sacrifice your intimacy with your partner for any longer.. Speak to us today at  The Mall Stockport about how your snoring problem can be addressed.

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