What happens when you have professional tooth cleaning at your dentist?

Professionally cleaning your teeth is an excellent way to protect your smile. Scheduling a clean once every six months will catch gum disease and tooth decay at early stages before any severe damage is done. This may well save you time, money and inconvenience, and perhaps best of all, it will save your smile and maintain your confidence.

Knowing what to expect from tooth cleaning can help relieve patients from their fears and anxieties. 

Let’s take a look at what typically happens during a tooth cleaning appointment. 

Oral examination – One of our hygienists will examine the inside of your mouth for any obvious signs of oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Plaque and tartar removal – A scaler will be used to gently scrape away plaque building on your teeth

Polishing – A high powered brush will polish your teeth, which may sound like a drill but don’t worry – it isn’t and won’t hurt. 

Flossing – This will finish off removing any dental plaque hiding between your teeth and gum line. 

Final check- A final inspection of your clean teeth and bite will be done. You will have the opportunity to discuss your options for any further treatment you may need. This is a good time to discuss any questions and concerns you have. Schedule your next cleaning to help maintain a beautiful, white and healthy smile. Our team at The Mall can help you achieve this.

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