Fixing Loose Teeth

It is apparently a fairly common nightmare to imagine your teeth falling out.  I am guessing such dreams are linked to anxiety about having dental treatment. 

Having never experienced a nightmare, I would imagine there has to be an existing stressful situation for these to occur.  

For my part, I would step up my oral hygiene after a nightmare, hoping to avoid the reality. 

If you do wake up to find a loose tooth, there is no cause for immediate panic.  Your dentist can probably fix it for you – but of course that means making an appointment at your dental surgery!


You may have a loose tooth because you have gum disease, or a recent accident or injury has occurred – or you may even grind your teeth (bruxism) without knowing that you do.  Less commonly, you may have osteoporosis.

So – don’t keep that loose tooth to yourself – tell your dentist, otherwise you may lose it completely.  Whilst you’re waiting to see your dentist, be gentle on your mouth.  Eat soft foods and take more care with brushing.  

At the surgery, your dentist will examine your mouth, treating the loose tooth appropriately, depending on what is diagnosed.

An injury may be treated by composite bonding, gum disease by deep cleaning and possibly bone grafting, and in more severe cases, by implants or bridges.

Any treatment will conclude with strong advice on dental hygiene.  Ask your dentist or dental hygienist to demonstrate tooth brushing and flossing.  You may be surprised that so many of us do this incorrectly.  

Changing the way in which you carry out a daily routine could make a big difference to the health of your teeth.

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