How Conscious Sedation Can Help You Beat Fear of The Dentist Once And For All

Being afraid of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. At The Mall Stockport we are experienced in working with nervous and phobic patients, and want nothing more than to help you back to good dental health – and then to help you maintain it.

As an adult, it is easy to think you are on your own if you are scared of the dentist. In fact, this is far from the case; approximately one in ten adults in the UK is so nervous of dental treatment that they do not visit a dental practice at all for many years, until an emergency arises that they can no longer ignore.

At The Mall Stockport dental practice, we believe that the key to working with nervous and phobic patients starts with treating each patient as an individual. There are numerous causes of fear of the dentist: a bad childhood experience, a specific trigger such as the sound of the dentist’s drill or a phobia of needles, worry about being judged for teeth that have fallen into disrepair, to name but a few. . .

Our dentists at The Mall Stockport are empathic with the needs of nervous patients, but also believe that fear should not be a barrier to treatment. A lot of nervous patients, whether driven to us by the need for an emergency dentist or because they want to get over their fear once and for all, find that an initial informal chat with a member of our friendly team is beneficial.

Dental techniques and materials have advanced massively in the past few decades, meaning that the majority of procedures are pain-free. It can also be beneficial to talk with other patients who were in a similar situation to find out what worked for them.

Tips such as bringing a friend, or some music to listen to during some treatments, can be helpful, as can the reassurance that you will never be judged by our Stockport dental team.

For those who need additional help to relax, conscious sedation is available at our The Mall Stockport clinic. This means you will be in a very peaceful state, and will feel no pain.

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