Making The Most Of Your Next Dental Visit

About half of the adults in the UK say they visit their dentists every six months, the British Health Foundation reports. Seeing as most people see their dentist only a few times a year, three at most, it is important to make the most of these rare appointments.

We highlight some of the things to help you benefit most from your time with the dentist.

Prepare a list of questions.

While you are likely to remember the major questions, the smaller ones may slip your mind. Every question is important – from common matters, such as flossing, to something more serious, like gum disease symptoms.

Your dentist is the best source of information regarding oral health, so make sure to bring a list to The Mall Stockport to be sure of all the answers you need.

Write them down.

A major part of dentistry is education, which entails teaching patients about healthy practices and warning you about various danger signs.

You may not remember everything, so feel free to take notes. You may also ask your dentist to email you additional information and instructions after your visit.

Be honest.

Many patients feel guilty for not flossing as often as they should (if they floss at all) or how long it has been since their last dentist visit. Consequently, they feel compelled to hide the truth.

In every field, honesty is the best policy. Honest answers will help your dentist make the best possible assessment of your oral health and how to go about your treatment.


Some patients panic a few days prior to the appointment, sometimes resulting in obsessive and over-brushing. Maintain your normal routine and do as you always have, as aggressive brushing can damage the gums and tooth enamel.

Feel free to share your dental history.

Whether you are consulting a new dentist or changing dental practices, it is advisable to bring your dental records. Even better, have them sent ahead of time. This helps your dentist to get a complete picture of your oral health and saves both of you a lot of time.

Making the most of every dental visit makes it easier for us, and more convenient for you, so that we can take care of your teeth and gums and address the problem at hand.

At The Mall Stockport, our certified dentists make our mission to deliver the best dental care possible. Contact us today for the services you deserve.

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