Preventing Illness With Good Oral Hygiene

Obvious advantages come with maintaining good oral hygiene. From brighter teeth and fresh breath to fighting against tooth decay and gum disease, oral hygiene should never be underestimated. 

The question is, do these benefits prevent the likelihood of developing certain types of severe illnesses like cancer? 

Well, there is no conclusive answer, but research has shown that there is a seemingly established link between aspects of dental health and cancer risks. 

An NHS study has shown that ‘’oral health may be associated with an increased risk of dying’’. Headlines such as ‘’Why brushing your teeth could reduce the risk of throat cancer by more than a fifth’’ highlights the difference between brushing teeth and neglecting them. The Tannerella forsythia bacteria and esophageal cancer is linked to people carrying this bacteria and having more of a chance of developing the cancer. 

A study recently carried out was not backed up by enough evidence for the NHS to support.  However, they agreed to the bacteria being a symptom out of a few factors, making the cancer more likely but not causing it.

Can good oral hygiene reduce the cancer risk?

The answer is possibly. Research continues and there appears to be a growing weight of evidence that indeed poor oral health may play a part in increasing an individual’s risk of developing some forms of cancer. 

A research conducted in 2018 suggested that some forms of cancer were more likely if a patient had severe periodontitis, and this was compared against mild or no periodontitis. There was no link, however, to say that a patient with mild periodontitis was more likely to develop cancer than someone with no gum disease at all. 

It is certain that good oral hygiene has endless overall benefits for our health, from potential tooth loss to preventing bad breath. Keeping up with your oral hygiene can help prevent the risk of gingivitis (first stage of gum disease) which is linked to heart problems and diabetes. Oral health is just as important as our body health; it has positive impacts on our appearance as well as our mental wellbeing. At The Mall Stockport we offer a huge range of dental services to get your mouth in the best shape and health possible. Speak to us today to find out how we can support you. 

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