Can braces affect my speech?

Just like anything new, your mouth needs a few weeks to adjust to your new orthodontic appliances. Good news that it is completely normal for anybody’s mouth to feel different, whether or not you have chosen clear aligners or metal braces.  

Lingual braces can affect different patients in their own way. The shape of the bite and size are some of the factors that differentiate each individual. Each person’s jaw muscle strength is different and the same goes for the amount of control we assert over our tongues. People adjust quickly to the feeling of the lingual brace and find that their speech is very rarely affected. However, the metal structure can cause a bit of getting used to with navigating the tongue. Speech can be affected, causing a lisp or some words being mispronounced. Of course this can cause issues with anxiety and confidence in speaking.  

Will speech be affected permanently?

Tongues are hyper-aware of slight changes in the mouth, including the presence of an ulcer. The tongue is super sensitive although very adaptable and will often adjust to sensations caused by lingual braces within a couple of weeks. However, in a few cases individuals may need to speak with a voice tutor therapist for extra help. 

It’s worth remembering that technology has improved so much over the years. Now you can get lingual braces like Quick Straight Teeth offering fixes and teeth alignment in a very short space of time compared with conventional braces. Patients often complete their treatment plan after 7 months and report their speech sounding a lot worse to themselves  to people around them who didn’t notice any mispronunciation at all. 

Can braces improve your speech?

In certain situations, braces can actually improve some speech impediments. Teeth play a very important role in how we pronounce and articulate words. Lisps and whistling speech problems often come with people who have wide spaced teeth or a particular bite issue.

In Conclusion 

Braces can affect your speech but it’s a small price to pay for a dazzling, straight smile that you will have for years to come. The effects are not permanent and with a little patience you can slow down and practise pronouncing the words that are difficult. Before you know it you will be speaking as usual with a bonus brand new smile.

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