Let Your Dentist at The Mall Stockport Help You on Your Way to a Lovely Smile

A beautiful smile is so much easier to achieve in the 21st century, with many advances in materials and techniques resulting in treatments that are far more subtle, discreet, long-lasting and cost-effective.

Advances in dentistry have made the possibility of a lovely smile available to more people than ever before. Take braces for example: in the past, heavy metal train-track braces were aimed more at patients with serious teeth alignment and bite correction issues rather than the many people whose teeth had just grown through a bit wonkily. Their misaligned teeth were not seriously affecting their health, and the braces systems on offer were perhaps the dental equivalent of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

However, in 2020, dentists at The Mall Stockport now have ways to quickly and comfortably treat mild misalignments.

Digital planning to avoid nasty surprises

When you come to your dentist at The Mall Stockport, we begin your journey to straighter teeth by planning how your smile can look with the latest computer technology. Not only will you be able to see exactly what your new smile will look like, but we can also use it to spot potential problems, so there will not be unexpected surprises (or costs) during your treatment.

This will also help us to work out which treatment will be best for your dental issues, and your lifestyle. If your main issue is teeth straightening, we have a choice from three discreet systems.

Clear braces aligner

A series of bespoke, computer-designed, rigid plastic trays, like mouth guards, fit snugly over your teeth, each one slightly different from the last to gently nudge your teeth along to alignment. These almost invisible aligners are removable for easy cleaning and eating.

Clear braces fast aligner

A bit more complicated than clear aligners, these clear, removable braces have springs and screws to help move your teeth, and are great for solving alignment issues that clear aligners are not designed to do.

Clear braces indirect bonding

These braces are more like traditional bracket and wire systems, in that they are bonded to your teeth, but on the inside of the tooth, and the brackets are computer-designed to exactly fit your teeth. This means that they are entirely invisible to others.

Find out more

There is more information on clear braces here.

We love helping our patients to a smile they enjoy, so why not call us at The Mall Stockport on 0161 480 8040 for a consultation to find out how we can help you.

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