Straightening your teeth – an altogether better experience

Most people want their freedom, and when it comes to socialising, we hope to have an attractive smile. For some, this means having straighter teeth, with the added benefits of being able to eat more comfortably and clean our teeth easily.

Braces have long been the way to achieve straight teeth, but they have not been associated with a positive cosmetic appearance until recent years. They were neither elegant nor subtle – until now. Happily, aligners and retainers are hardly noticeable, and can be fitted as tooth-coloured or clear. Wearers needn’t worry about adopting that rigid, closed smile any longer.  

So what’s changed?

● Clear aligners are used, which can be removed – making it easier to thoroughly clean your teeth. 

● There are no food restrictions – you can eat whatever you like, provided you follow the instructions your dentist gives you.

 ● They are more comfortable – whilst tightening braces could be painful, more subtle changes are now used, which cause much less discomfort.

 ● Fewer trips to the orthodontist are needed.

 ● The aligners are virtually invisible – no more closed-mouth smiling.

 ● There will be no discolouration to your teeth (which can happen as a result of braces).

 So, anyone who is looking to fix issues such as crowding, bite imperfections and problems with spacing (whilst avoiding the drama of braces) should ask The Mall Stockport about clear aligners.

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