Why worry about thumb-sucking? Isn’t it natural?

Nonetheless, one in every eight children continues well beyond the age of seven and this can affect teeth position permanently, making self-correction less likely. So it is important to the child’s oral health that the habit is stopped.

The issues
A crossbite, where your teeth don’t line up properly when your mouth is closed
An anterior open bite, where both the upper and lower teeth slant outwards
A misshaped palate, which can affect speech and

Discomfort when chewing.


Research by the Oral Health Foundation has found that 51% of UK adults said that they’d taken their oral health for granted when they were younger. So it’s down to us to educate our children about the importance of good oral health.

A healthy smile is a great gift to give anyone, because along with good oral health comes confidence and self-esteem. Your child may not agree with you at the time, but in the years to come, they’ll realise why you cared so much.

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