How sedation can reduce your anxiety around dental procedures.

It’s very common to experience fear or anxiety around a trip to the dentist, whether it’s a routine checkup or cosmetic surgery.  Sedation is a proven solution. 

Here are the facts, to help you come to an informed decision. 

What is sedation and what does it entail? 

Sedation is a medically induced and controlled depression of consciousness. When in a sedated state you will not experience pain as your pain receptors are temporarily dulled in the process. Sedation medication is usually administered via an injection in your arm or hand, which is known as ‘IV’ or intravenous sedation. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sedation? 


Sedation creates a painless experience. 

Sedation decreases your anxiety, knowing you won’t experience pain during dental procedures. 

It allows scope for your dentist to be more efficient as the sedation will mean that you can keep still and will not need any pauses or breaks for reassurance.

Sedation, when urgently needed for patients who experience severe anxiety, is provided by NHS sedation clinics at no extra charge. 


For some patients, the sedation can take up to twenty-four hours to wear off completely. 

Some people experience minor side effects of sedation, including a dry mouth and headaches. 

Sedation is a great solution for our nervous patients,  with high success rates in breaking down the negative feelings many experience when visiting the dentist for treatment. With minor downsides, sedation can be the perfect fit for our patients who find the procedures uncomfortable or worrying. 

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