How to Embrace Your Smile (without breaking the bank)

In a world where sometimes, image is more important than the real depths of a person, we can easily feel as though we’re not good enough.   As our smiles are the first thing people notice about us, it’s a good idea to embrace your smile, flaws and all.

We are all individuals and we should never wish our own identity away. However, a simple adjustment to your teeth colour or shape can help you embrace your smile without breaking the bank. 

The gap

A gap inbetween your top two front teeth is known as diastema. It’s a common problem area people often want to change. Did you know that it’s actually seen as a sign of fortune?  Icons such as Madonna were idolised for her beauty and imperfections. In some parts of Africa, including Nigeria, the gap-tooth is considered a sign of a beautiful being. If you are fortunate to have a gap between your top front teeth, appreciate your luck. 

If you cannot cope with the thought of having your gap teeth forever, consider dental bonding as an inexpensive way of helping you love your smile. 

Braces, dental implants and veneers might also be options for you.  An initial consultation with a dentist will help to determine what, if any, treatment you need.


Nobody has white teeth naturally, so if you find yourself frustrated with discoloured teeth whilst knowing you have looked after them, it could be that you are being too hard on yourself.  Even if our teeth were never to come into contact with a discolouring agent, they would always appear an off white colour. The visible part of our teeth is dentin and enamel and the dentin is actually yellow in colour. 

If you really hate the colour of your teeth, ask your dentist about Boutique Whitening, who provide top quality products to adjust your teeth to the desired colour you would like. Make sure you always go to a professional dentist when wanting any teeth whitening to lower any risk of damaging your oral health and to keep within the law. 

At The Mall,  we provide all the services you need to help you on your journey to embracing your smile. Get in touch today to find out how we can support you.

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