A Guide to Dental Implants

Here at The Mall we believe the best way to replace missing teeth permanently is by fitting dental implants. 

Tooth replacement is very important, because leaving missing teeth can have serious implications for not only your dental health but your overall health, too. 

Losing teeth and not replacing them increases the risk of your remaining teeth around the gap becoming crooked or twisted. Dental decay is increased as the teeth become more difficult to clean, which can result in further tooth loss.

Having several teeth missing affects your speech and self-confidence. It also restricts your diet, as you would find it difficult to eat harder foods which will make it hard to obtain good nutrition. 

Dental implants can help in every scenario. At The Mall we can replace one missing tooth with a single implant and a crown, whilst in the case of multiple or all missing teeth, a series of implants and an implant-retained bridge is often the best option.

Dentures can often cause issues with eating and speaking as they gradually become looser over time. Dental implants in some cases can even stabilise dentures. Gum tissue recedes and bone shrinks when you have missing teeth, causing dentures to fall out, which also damages your self-confidence. Dental implants promote bone growth. 

At The Mall dental practice, we use the latest digital 3D software to plan and design your dental implants. In some cases, temporary teeth will be attached right away, while in other cases a few months is needed for healing.  

Most of our patients only require local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants. However, conscious sedation is available for nervous patients.

Get in touch today about your options for dental implants at The Mall.

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