Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants and Wave Goodbye to Denture Woes

Dental implants are an increasingly popular way for dentists to end the misery of loose-fitting dentures. The Mall Stockport, we recommend considering denture stabilisation with implants, because we know it can revolutionise your life.

Dentures are a very popular way to replace missing teeth – they’ve been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. However, many people who have been wearing dentures for some time discover that they start to experience problems. Sets of dentures that once fitted snugly become loose and ill-fitting, affecting your ability to eat a healthy diet, to speak and even to smile or laugh in public.

If this chimes a bell with you, we urge you to contact The Mall Stockport dental practice to book a consultation with one of our implant dentists.

Advances in dental technology mean that your dentures can now be fixed securely in your jaw using dental implants. This procedure is called denture stabilisation or implant overdentures.

How it works

Dental implants act as replacements for the root portion of a missing tooth or teeth. They are small screws, made of titanium and placed in your jaw bone with a minor surgical procedure carried out by an experienced implant dentist here at The Mall Stockport practice. Your dentures can then be securely attached on top, preventing them from becoming loose. You will still be able to take them out to clean, and your dentist will teach you how.

Why dentures become loose

When you initially had your dentures fitted, your dentist would ensure they fitted comfortably. However, because standard dentures only replace the crown part of the teeth, they do not prevent the problem of bone loss that happens when tooth roots are missing.

Over time, the jaw bone and the gums are prone to shrinking. Because dental implants replace the roots and support bone growth, they help to stop this problem from happening, meaning that your dentures will remain firmly in place.

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