Can Dental Implants Break?

Dental implants are great as they provide stability that is long lasting, but they also look, feel and work like real teeth. However, whilst dental implants are strong, just like real teeth, dental implants can break and chip.

So, it is important to take good care of your dental implants – just as you would with your natural teeth so that your implants last a long time and continue looking great.  

Titanium root

When implants are fitted, a titanium root is first inserted into the jawbone. This needs time to fix and heal, and once that happens, the crown can be fitted. The root is very strong, and therefore, unless a huge amount of pressure and force hits the root, it is unlikely that this part of the dental implant will break. 

Crown and connector

The crown and abutment (the connector) of the dental implant, can break if too much pressure is applied. The crown is designed for normal behaviours like eating and drinking, and so can deal with this kind of pressure, just as natural teeth can. However, dental implants have not been designed to bite plastic, open bottles or tear through packages. Even habits like biting nails can, over time, wear down the dental implants. Other behaviours like teeth grinding and clenching can also put stress onto the implants. So, these actions should be avoided or reduced as best as possible, as they could put the crown under stress and break the implant. 

Fixing a broken implant

If the whole implant breaks, it will need to be removed and replaced at the root. If it is just the connecting part or the crown that breaks then this can be replaced individually. To do this, an impression will be made and a new crown created to match the natural colour of your teeth.

For more information about dental implants and how to look after them, get in touch with The Mall today for further information.

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