Can dental implants break?

Dental implants are strong like your real teeth, but it is possible for them to break. 

Unlike any other restoration technique, dental implants provide you long lasting stability while they look and function like real teeth. 

As real teeth can break and chip, unfortunately the same applies to dental implants. Taking care of your dental implants as you would your natural teeth will prevent this occurring.  

The titanium root in your jawbone needs time to fix and heal in your jawbone before the crown is fitted. So unless a high amount of pressure and force impacts the root during the healing stage, it is extremely unlikely this will break. 

Just like your real tooth, the crown and abutment (the connector) can come under pressure when too much is applied. Eating and drinking is not a problem because they are made to deal with this kind of pressure, the same as your natural teeth. So if you plan on using your teeth to bite plastic, open bottles and packages, be aware this could cause your implant to crack or break under stress. 

In the unlikely event that your implant is broken, the only choice to fix it would be removing and replacing the root. If the abutment or crown breaks you can just replace the specific part. But if a crown cracks, an impression will be made of your teeth and a new crown will be created to match the natural colour of your teeth.

Refrain from using your implants to bite anything other than food. Even bad habits like biting your nails and opening packages can, over time, cause drastic wear to your normal teeth and dental implants. Teeth grinding and clenching can also put a lot of damaging stress onto your implants, just as they would your regular teeth.

If you are worried you might do any of these things, speak to your dentist for further advice. 

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