Can I replace multiple teeth?


The aesthetics of replacing multiple teeth are probably the patient’s main objective.  The size of their smile shows their smile line, which can be seen when the patient smiles as widely as they can.

At The Mall, we believe that for top aesthetics and durability, dental implants are the best way to replace multiple front teeth. 

Our dentists at The Mall are dedicated to creating the most beautiful smile for every individual patient that will last for many years to come. The advantages of having a restored smile range from correct pronunciation when speaking, to eating whatever foods you want, as well as a better-looking smile which also helps general well-being. 

The front teeth 

Our front teeth are cleverly designed to tear food, so that it can be chewed on the back teeth. A multiple tooth bridge using dental implants to replace front teeth provides physical strength and beautiful aesthetics to each patient’s smile. 

At The Mall, we will never leave you unhappy with your smile, so don’t worry about having a long period with no teeth. A temporary bridge will always be used during the process of permanently replacing missing teeth. 

The back teeth

The replacement of back teeth restores the strength and function. As little as two dental implants can be enough to restore the function of back teeth. As well as looking like natural teeth, they are also easy to maintain. Each implant that is used will support the ends of the bridge with a rigid, ceramic tooth-like structure that is permanently attached to the jawbone.  The exact material used for the back teeth is the same as the front, with the exception of perfecting the aesthetics if the location of the missing teeth is hard to see. 

All teeth

Treatments are not always possible if the bone structure has been damaged. A bone graft is needed in certain cases before any dental implants can be introduced to the mouth. Treatment times are always dependent on how complex the procedure is for each individual’s needs. Temporary bridges are put into place while working through the process of replacing the missing teeth. 

Get in touch with The Mall today to discuss your options on replacing multiple teeth. 

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