Come For a Free Consultation About Dental Implants to See How They Can Change Your Life

Dentists agree that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. At The Mall Stockport we offer free implant consultations with an experienced implant dentist so that you can discover how implant treatment can revolutionise your life.

What are dental implants?

Simply put, dental implants replace the root part of a missing tooth or teeth. Our teeth comprise two parts – the root beneath the gum line and the crown that you can see. Implants are placed directly in the jaw bone with a minor surgical procedure to replace the root section of a missing tooth. A crown, bridge or set of dentures can then be attached on top to permanently restore your smile.

Dental implants are little screws or pegs, made of titanium. This substance is highly compatible with the human body and is osteoconductive, meaning that it encourages bone growth. One of the most common problems associated with missing teeth is bone loss – when teeth have been missing for some time, the jaw bone starts to shrink or resorb. Implants help to prevent this from happening.

What is the procedure for having dental implants fitted?

The first step on your implant journey is to come in for a free consultation with an experienced implant dentist here at our Stockport practice. We use an advanced digital implantology system here at The Mall Stockport, which can in many cases enable us to place your implants immediately.

In most cases, this can be carried out under local anaesthesia, with many patients reporting that it is more bearable than having a tooth removed. If you are dental phobic or a nervous patient, we can also carry out implant placement under conscious sedation.

After a healing period, your new teeth are then attached to your implants – either crowns, dentures or a bridge. To book a free implant consultation at The Mall Stockport practice, get in touch today.

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